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Parameter Programming is a means by which the spa owner / user can change the various timing elements and calibrate temperature. The process is simple and intuitive. Only 3 keys are used: UP, DOWN and SET. To program one or more parameters follow the outlined procedure.

  1. Press SET and DOWN keys together. The first message in the menu, FP1 will be displayed.
  2. Use the UP & DOWN keys to scroll thru the messages in the menu.
  3. Press the SET key to display the current value associated with the current message.
  4. Use UP or DOWN keys to increase or decrease the value.
  5. Press SET to lock in the new value and return to the menu.
  6. If another item needs programming go to number 2 above.
  7. To save changes scroll to message SEND and press SET.
  8. To discard changes ad restore previous values scroll to message CANC and press SET.

The menu of parameters is circular. Scrolling is from first to last of from last to first.

When in programming mode please note that this mode will be cancelled if there is no key activity for a period of 60 consecutive seconds. Programming mode is aborted and all changes will be restored to previous values.



Press Display Explanation


Start programming the display first message is Filtration period 1
UP FP2 Scroll up to Filtration Period 2
SET 12:00 Select FP2. The display shows the current FP2 start time with the hour portion flashing.
UP 1:00 Increase the hour value by 1
UP 5:00 Press UP key 4 more times or press and hold for auto repeat.
SET 5:00 The hour is set, the minute portion flashes
DOWN 5:45 Press UP 15 times or press and hold for auto repeat
SET FP2 FP2 set to 5:45 PM & the current message is displayed again
DOWN FP1 Scroll to previous message.
DOWN CANC Previous message - if you press SET when CANC is displayed all changes will be discarded.
DOWN SEND Previous - save changes
SET TEMP Changes saved

Exit programming mode.
Display current spa temperature, time or Operating message.



Msg Min Def Max Detail
FP1   12:00   Start time of filtration period 1
FP2   12:00   Start time of filtration period 2
FP3   12:00   Start time of filtration period 3
FP4   12:00   Start time of filtration period 4
        Note: If filtration periods overlap, the most recent period (last) is in effect.
SIL   12:00   Start time of the silence period. This is a period during which nothing will run. It overrides all filtrations, the economy cycle, and temperature sampling. Except if temperature drops below 40 degrees. A spa may be installed near a bedroom and need not come on at specific times.
FP1d 0 0 240 Duration in minutes FP1 timer will run.
FP2d 0 0 240 Duration in minutes FP2 timer will run.
FP3d 0 0 240 Duration in minutes FP3 timer will run.
FP4d 0 0 240 Duration in minutes FP4 timer will run.
SILd 0 0 12 Duration in hours the Silence Timers runs. Only a user may override the silence timer

Note:  Keep the valve of any timer to 0 to keep from running. Filtration timers must be programmed first one first. If the FP1d (first) timer has a duration of 0, Auto Filtration will be in effect and all 4 programmed timers will be disabled.


Msg Min Def Max Detail
CLDN 30 60 180 Cool Down cycle in seconds. Whenever the heater is turned off the pump running the extra seconds to even the temperature of the heater element and the surrounding water to prevent scale build up and premature heater failure.
ECL 60 180 240 Economy Cycle Length. Time in minutes to specify the intervals between spa temperature sampling when the spa is not in use. During this period the spa is in Economy mode. Temperature is sampled at the end of the period. Press any key to cancel this mode.
CHCL 0 60 180 Channel Clear. Time in seconds to clear the air channel and the secondary pump(s) plumbing if the spa has not been used for a period of 24 hours. This prevents water stagnation in the plumbing.
UTO 10 20 60 User Time Out. The time in minutes from starting any device, after which all devices will be turned off, and the spa put in "not in use mode." if you should leave the spa with a pump or light running, it will be turned off after the specified time.
PUF 30 120 180 Post Use Filtration.  Time in minutes to perform Post Use Filtration this is the optimal time to filter the spa. When you have finished using the spa, that is when it needs filtration the most. Press the SET key to turn everything off and start the cycle. This is performed only once and after pressing the SET key. It is in addition to the standard filtration cycles. Pressing any other device key will cancel this function.
CALB 194 204 218 This is not a time element.  It is one of the distinctive features of the SmarTouch Control System. The number is internal and is indicative of what the processor sees as temperature reading. Increase  this value by 1 to decrease the displayed temperature by a degree. decrease this number by 1 to increase displayed temperature by a degree. For example if the controller is displaying a temperature 2 degrees lower than real temperature, increase the number by 4 to get a correct reading. The total range of this parameter is 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Before doing a calibration Please read warnings note at end of this page.
SEND       This menu message has no numerical value. Pressing SET while it is displayed records and saves all changes made to all parameters.
CANC       This menu message also has no value. Pressing SET while it is displayed discards all changes made to all parameters and restores last saved or previous values.



The recommend maximum temperature of a spa is 104 F. The absolute maximum beyond which no person should ever be exposed to is 108 F. When you calibrate the spa temperature you are doing so at your own risk. Obtain an accurate medical thermometer to check against. Please contact United Spas Manufacturing for proper procedure or if you do not feel confident.

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